"stella maris marais of tHe Gulf" stoneware musical reliquary
"stella maris marais of tHe Gulf" stoneware musical reliquary

KiL Studios has been owned and operated by LaTeefah WriGht for well over a decade. She has fired more than 1,453 kilns thus far...it's a long story, from another time.

"Becoming increasingly obsessed with circumstance, and unintentional bias, Lateefah works intuitively, and prefers to be left with something from nothing at the end of a creative seizure."

Old world erotica, murderous madams, teratology, shadow puppets, plastination, metric systems, Anatomica, playing with dolls, the human condition, and enthralling cinema, all entice her to work towards an ideal of the human form in her secretly formualted clay which she mixes in her studio from mind to matter.

LaTeeFah indulges in the exquisite world of dust, oxides, patience and fire.

For her, sculpting earthen clay is a cherished record of time spent, and she favors passionately, past centuries' hallowed harlots as inspirational subjects.

Collectors of her dolls, puppets, music boxes, and reliquaries, can be found on nearly every continent.